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  • What’s better for me? A wet shave or a dry shave?

    11. July 2019 0

    What’s better for me? A wet shave or a dry shave? Ultimately it is a personal decision whether a wet shave or a dry shave is better and not a question of faith. All information here. […]

  • Is the Canon G7X Mark II the best travel camera in 2019?

    6. March 2019 0

    When it comes to travel cameras, the spirits differ. Professionals swear by the large SLR and the corresponding lenses, because only then can truly good images be produced. Many others, on the other hand, are satisfied with a compact camera because space and weight can play a major role when travelling. For us “amateur photographers” the Canon G7X Mark II was the right choice for South Africa, because the camera is fast and uncomplicated and the automatic mode is worth its weight in gold. The recorded videos were unfortunately only average. […]

  • WOC Bags are the current megatrend in the fashion world and their perfect companions!

    11. February 2019 0

    WOC Bags is a current mega trend in the fashion world, because WOC Bags are perfect companions because they combine style and elegance. Interested? – We will help you with your decision! […]

  • Use Google Maps in Apple CarPlay

    22. September 2018 0

    Since 18.9.2018 navigation via Google Maps via Apple CarPlay is possible. Here a first estimation in live operation. […]

  • Apple Watch 4 – is it the ultimate Smartwatch?

    20. September 2018 0

    The Apple Watch, smiled at for a long time, underestimated, even partly mocked, is now one of the most popular and best-selling smartwatches in the world. With the Apple Watch 4, Apple now brings the 4th generation of the popular Smartwatch and it has what it takes to become the ultimate bestseller. Here you can find out why…. […]

  • Apple CarPlay explained briefly and simply

    16. September 2018 0

    Apple CarPlay is thus a user interface to the iPhone, which should ensure that you can use the functions of the iPhone while driving. The article briefly and simply describes how it works. […]

  • The alternative to HomePod – connect an Apple TV 4 to a HiFi system!

    18. February 2018 0

    The HomePod is a loudspeaker with a lot of power and fantastic sound. With the Apple TV 4, there is an inexpensive alternative that can be easily connected to a hi-fi system. The post shows how. […]