Apple CarPlay explained briefly and simply

In 2014, Apple introduced CarPlay, its answer to better integrate iOS devices into the car.

Apple sees CarPlay as

“A smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car … Anything you want to do while driving on the iPhone, you can do with CarPlay on the display of your car. You can easily get directions, make phone calls, send and receive messages, or listen to music – and still focus on the road. ”

In fact, Apple CarPlay is just a user interface to the iPhone designed to ensure that you can use the iPhone’s features while driving.

In most cases, automakers have integrated CarPlay (here’s a list of current supporters) or CarPlay integrates easily with a car radio / infotainment system.

From today’s point of view, cars built before 2016 are difficult to retrofit. This means that it must be resorted to an accessory back.

However, Apple Carplay does not support all apps on the iPhone. Rather, it was initially so that only Apple own apps could be used. An opening is made with the integration of Spotify and Whats App and iOS 12 and finally, third-party navigation apps such as Google Maps or Waze can be used.

Features of CarPlay:

You can do voice calls or tap contacts and send messages to you.
Navigation is possible via Apple Maps
Music can be heard on iTunes or Spotify, and Amazon Audible and Audio Books can entertain you while driving
You can use Whats App to send messages


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