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1 Reason – Why the Canon G7X Mark II is the best travel camera?

When it comes to travel cameras, the spirits differ. Professionals swear by the large SLR and the corresponding lenses because only then can truly good images being produced. Many others, on the other hand, are satisfied with a compact camera because space and weight can play a major role when traveling. After studying many tests we have decided on the Canon G7X Mark II. The combination of light output, dynamic range, weight, and price was decisive for the purchase.

For us, the Canon G7X Mark II* is the best travel camera, because with a weight of around 300 grams, a price of around 500 euros, a focal length of 24 – 100mm, it is completely sufficient for 90% of the photos we take on journeys. The Canon G7X Mark II is therefore often referred to as a pocket camera. Whereby we have to say at this point that it is too big and too heavy for a trouser pocket. But more about that later. First, a fundamental question:

What is better, a smartphone or a compact camera?

A question of faith, after smartphones have been upgrading their technology more and more in recent years and have made life difficult for classic compact phones. Nevertheless, a compact camera usually has,

  • an optical zoom,
  • a higher image quality,
  • a higher light output,
  • a higher dynamic range,
  • faster shutter release,
  • a better autofocus-selective depth of field,
  • a lot of manual settings,and manageable controls and buttons,
  • more battery life when capturing,
  • a folding display and / or an optical viewfinder,
  • as opposed to a smartphone. To make this clear at this point, we also use the smartphone to take pictures in many everyday situations.

The Canon G7X Mark II in use in South Africa

Is the Canon G7X Mark II now the best travel camera? We used the G7X Mark II for 2 weeks in South Africa under different conditions. Both landscape and portrait shots were taken. We also had the Canon G7X Mark II on a safari. Most of the photos were taken in automatic mode, as it usually had to be fast and we are rather hobby photographers. Here are some pictures which were taken with the Canon in South Africa.

We noticed the following points:

  • In use was a belt bag with which will not be satisfied. But this was less due to the bag, which is well made and robust, than to our misjudgment. The Canon G7X Mark II is too heavy for this case and the wearing comfort on the belt is suboptimal. (usable belt bags*)
  • The protective cover for the lens was worth its weight in gold and we bought it as protection against dust. Especially for the Safari the protective cover was very helpful. The adjustment rings on the top of the camera are smooth which is good per se. But we’ve seen more than once that the rings adjust – in hectic use. ( protective cover lens* )
  • The Canon G7X Mark II is not a video camera. Noises of its own, such as the zoom, are clearly audible.

What other users say

Exemplary quotes from customer reviews at Amazon:

“With its size (fits in a fanny pocket, jacket pocket or trouser pocket) very nice compact camera that takes absolutely satisfying photos and videos for the average consumer. The camera has a pleasant grip and fits well in the hand. It has a retractable flash, which I’m always a little afraid to break off by mistake, but since I don’t like taking pictures with flash, I rarely use it. Anyway, it works when needed as a fill-in flash. A very big advantage is the large touch screen, which makes the manifold but clearly arranged settings of the camera even easier to navigate and which of course offers the possibility to manually determine the focus field with a fingertip, which is very practical and works well”

“For photographers: Access! Great image quality, very good resolution, the test by Stiftung Warentest doesn’t promise too much, that’s really remarkable. But if you also want to make videos with it, you won’t really enjoy the camera. I don’t necessarily have to zoom during recording (audibly), but I do need the autofocus – the buzzing is annoying. It is not loud, but just audible, even if another sound is recorded. By the way, the sound quality is not good.”

Joe´s Conclusion

For us “amateur photographers” the Canon G7X Mark II* ( Bundle offer* )  was the right choice for South Africa because the camera is fast and uncomplicated and the automatic mode is worth its weight in gold. The recorded videos were unfortunately only average.

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