What’s better for me? A wet shave or a dry shave?

What’s better for me? A wet shave or a dry shave? For many, the subject is a question of faith. But it seems to be quite simple. It is much more important to change the blades regularly than to pay attention to the number of blades, for example. It is probably the marketing strategists of the companies who are responsible for proclaiming a competition for the optimum number of blades.

And last but not least, those with sensitive skin should rather shave dry, according to the vast majority of experts. We could stop at this point, but let’s go into the details again.

What makes the wet shave so attractive?

A Russian proverb says, “It’s easier to have a child every year than to shave every day.”  Let’s leave it at that and turn to the subject of wet shaving. Wet shaving is popular in Germany. The shaving market for men in Germany is over 500 million euros large. Approximately 2/3 of sales are in the wet shave segment. The market is dominated by the two big providers, Gillette and Wilkinson, who try to shield the market as far as possible so that newcomers have little or no opportunities. No wonder, then, that the marketing drum is swinging violently. So what makes the perfect wet shave? The model or the number of blades?

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The perfect wet shave

In contrast to the dry razor, the blade of the wet razor has direct skin contact and is therefore more thorough. Proceed step by step:

  1. It is important to clean the face before shaving. A high-quality brush made of badger hair optimally prepares the wet shave.
  2. Shaving foam or gel should then be applied for at least 5 minutes, as only then do the stubbles straighten up and become soft.
  3. Always shave in the direction in which your hair grows. Start on the cheeks and neck.
  4. Since a wet shave works like a peeling, then use cream or after shave to soothe the skin.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have much time in the morning, so in most cases we will use foam from the can. Self whipped foam, however, has a higher stability than the foam from the can. And, not to be underestimated from an environmental point of view, this foam contains no blowing agents and less chemicals.

Wet shave – the costs

The manufacturers did a great job here and created a cash cow for themselves. Money is earned above all with the blades. While wet razors are relatively cheap compared to the blades, razor blades in refills can cost well over 10 euros. If you change your blades every 2 weeks, for example, you will easily incur follow-up costs of well over 50 euros per year.

Wet shave versus dry shave

Dry shavers are available in two basic types. These differ in whether the razor has an integrated blade block that swings back and forth and thereby cuts the hair, or whether it is a so-called rotary razor. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages.

Time savings, comfort and less irritation to the skin speak for a dry shave.

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This is how a dry shave works

  1. It is important to clean the face thoroughly from dirt before a dry shave. It makes sense to complete the dry shave before showering, for example, because the razor cuts best on dry skin.
  2. In contrast to a wet shave, a dry shave does not depend on the direction in which you are shaved. It makes sense to start with the sensitive parts of the face, as the razor heats up during the procedure and can strain the skin.
  3. An after shave should be used after shaving. It has an anti-inflammatory and refreshing effect.

Dry shave – the cost

The biggest cost driver is the purchase of the electric razor from 50 – 300 euros, everything is included. In addition, electric shavers also cause consequential costs. Shearing blades and the wafer-thin shearing foils become blunt or damaged by carelessness in the course of time. For example, a set of foil and blade block costs between 20 and 30 euros, depending on the model.

Wet shaving or dry shaving – a question of faith among men?

Ultimately it is a personal decision whether a wet shave or dry shave is better and not a question of faith. People with sensitive skin and little time will tend to go for a dry shave. The majority, however, swears by the wet shave. Whether this is really due to the advantages in the end or more to the advertising pressure of the manufacturers, would be more the Gretchen question than the faith question.

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